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8 Reasons to Love South Park: The Stick of Truth


With the recent release of South Park:  The Stick of Truth, many are wondering whether it is just another cheap TV-to-video game adaptation.  I cannot stress enough that this is “THE FUNNIEST GAME OF ALL TIME”.  If you do not know whether this game is for you, please read ahead and then make your way to the nearest video game store!


[promo title=”1.  The References“][/promo]


Perhaps the greatest reason to love South Park:  The Stick of Truth is that it is the culmination of the entire show.  Of course I expected there to be plenty of references throughout the whole game, but The Stick of Truth brought it to a whole new level.  There are not many episodes, if any, that are not secretly referenced at some point during your adventure.  From the objective to collect all the Chinpokomon to the subtle sight of A.W.E.S.O.M.-O in Cartman’s closet, this game had everything.  There are so many references, in fact, that it’s not even worth attempting to list them all.  You will just have to play the game to see them for yourself!

[promo title=”2.  The Art-style“][/promo]

What many TV show-based games fail to accomplish is the feeling of actually being in the TV show.  Previous games of this sort have attempted to create 3D models of the show’s world, but this often results in an awkward, unfamiliar experiences.  Much like the TV show, South Park:  The Stick of Truth rebels from usual expectations and has a cardboard cut out style.  It would not be a rare occurrence for passerby’s to confuse your game for an episode of the actual show.  It’s the way they look, the way they speak, and the way the move that makes the game feel like an exact extension of the TV show.

[promo title=”3.  It’s hilariously raunchy“][/promo]

Without spoiling anything for those who haven’t played the new South Park game, prepare for the most vulgar video game you’ve ever seen. If you have kids or are simply a kid yourself, I would take great caution in playing this game.  With that said, the vulgarity is complimented by a constant supply of laughs.  In fact, if you asked me what my favorite comical games were, I don’t think I could name another.  The Stick of Truth is not constrained by the television networks, it is free to go where it has never gone before.  I cannot recommend another game more than South Park:  The Stick of Truth, but beware–the awesomely, childish vulgarity is even more prevalent than the TV show.

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Thief, Fighter, Mage, or Jew?

These are the 4 possible classes to choose from towards the beginning of the game.  After that…you are basically free to customize your character in any way you desire.  You can choose the way your character looks and you have an ever-increasing selection of accessories. Besides the way you look, you also have a gigantic arsenal of weapons to choose from, each with many enhancements that can be added. Overall, there are countless possibilities and ways to perfect your character to your specialized play-style.

[promo title=”5.  Exploration“][/promo]

Right from the start, you are thrown into the massive town of South Park.  Unlike many open-world games, The Stick of Truth allows you to go anywhere you want to, as soon as you begin.  The objectives are always visible throughout the game, but a large portion of this game’s value comes from exploring the town.  There are an overwhelming amount of characters, collectibles and side-quests, and there is never a stale moment in the game.

[promo title=”6.  Matt and Trey.“][/promo]

Why is this game so great?

It’s obvious…Matt and Trey, the creators of the TV show, were heavily involved in this game.  It is also important to mention that the respected developer “Obsidian” was the team behind The Stick of Truth’s success.  Matt and Trey, however, have long been very protective of their properties and decided they did not want another cash-milking game thrown quickly onto the market.  They wanted to do things their own way, which is exactly what fans want to see.

[promo title=”7.  It’s actually a challenging RPG“][/promo]

What South Park:  The Stick of Truth accomplished will certainly raise the bar for all media-based video games.  If you strip down The Stick of Truth to its bare bones, absent of anything “South Park” related, you still have a masterfully crafted RPG.  The combat is fluid, the enemies are challenging, and there is an element that encourages you to reflect on your strategy.  The Stick of Truth definitely proves it can hang with the RPG big-boys.

[promo title=”8.  Brought us back to a simpler time“][/promo]

South Park has been around for a long, long time.  Many argue that South Park’s long TV history is starting to age, but The Stick of Truth shows that there is still plenty of spark left in the minds of the creators.  South Park:  The Stick of Truth blends the lovable fan service of old and new material.  There are still several pop-culture references, but most of the game feels like the original South Park episodes’ roots.  The story is not overly complicated–it just demonstrates the imagination of a bunch of kids simply playing a wide-spread fantasy game.

Now what are you waiting for? Go buy it!