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Retired Intel Vice President Spreads Rumors About Apple Competing with Google’s Search Engine in 2015

by GH Staff

While it’ll come as no surprise since Apple’s competitive streak is rather healthy as of late, the idea that the corporate giant is even thinking of taking on Google is an unnerving one. We won’t discuss the possibility of undermining success or imminent failure of the future project, as tempting as it is. Since we’ve gotten minor details on what to expect, we’ll share our viewpoints on what to expect this upcoming year. IGN was able to receive a comment from the recently retired Intel Corp. vice president, Avram Miller, stating that he could attest to the fact that: “Apple is working on a Google search engine competitor that will be unveiled in fall 2015.” Miller goes into further depth of the ideology and steps behind the quiet rival to Google beginning to emerge from Apple’s expanding domination over various technology on his personal blog. Whether or not you’re a follower and supporter of the Apple franchise doesn’t matter; where there’s an innovation to be cast, the company will find means to capture it. As is the tale of success (and past failures) of Apple as a contributor for the expanse of 2014.

Steve Jobs was livid when he learned about Google plans to use the Android operating system which Google acquired to compete with the iPhone.” Continues the introspective post, reliving some of the past experiences that led up to Apple’s planning process for a Google competitor. “He felt betrayed by Eric Schmidt, the then CEO of Google who also happened to be a member of the Apple Board. Schmidt joined the board of Apple in 2005 and left (or, was asked to leave) in 2009,” concluded Miller. Further explaining that the deceased CEO of Apple had begun to realize that Google was going to play an exponential role in the course of technological advancement. Enough to be on par with, “the next Microsoft,” as the description so elegantly compares. That infamous rivalry, if naught else, should enlighten the reader of just how serious Apple is about the internal construction of “project Found.”

“On  his death bed, or close to it, [Steve Jobs] made Tim Cook, the current CEO, promise to keep project Found going,” Miller comments in his post. We’ve gotten no further information on how the retired Intel employee had access to such insider knowledge; but as far as rumors go it is a plausible one. Whether or not we can believe the flooded information is still up for debate. Though, awaiting the project to launch will take an excessive amount of patience. There’s still one and half years to go until we’re given the smallest official update from Apple on the  search engine’s forthcoming release. Everything concerning the execution of project Found still in the wings, and grasping at frangible rumors from afar has never been a legitimate process when it comes to estimating Apple’s actions. The sequence of events suggest that the report isn’t fraud, but without sufficent evidence from corporate on the product’s advancement this project is only eligible for “pending” status.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on project Found as well as keep the public informed on future stories following the ambitious proposal. Stay tuned in for the information that’ll be appearing as we continue to wrap up the remainder of this year and begin our venture into 2015.