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DayZ Coming To Linux And Mac?

As many of you know, DayZ Standalone was released at the end of last year.

Since its release in December of 2013 it has sold a whopping 2,000,000 plus copies. More than the creator of the mod and Bohemia Interactive would have ever anticipated. However with the game being such a success, the game developers want to make it the best it can be. By the looks of things, the best way to do that is to leave the old and now outdated Legacy ARMA II engine behind and move to a newer and better OpenGL.

It is likely that the team of developers will rip the graphics renders from the game, which are limited to the ARMA II DirectX 9 Source, and write new renders, for a better source. Such as DirectX 10/11 or an OpenGL. Like a lot of the big games that we see on Mac and Linux today, they too have been moved from a source, such as DirectX, over into an OpenGL. Making them compatible and playable on the different OS’.

As well as making the game compatible for more OS’, this leap in the right direction could remove some of the most notable problems and setbacks that DayZ faces due to ARMA II.

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Some fanatics of the game have ported the ARMA II map, Chernarus, into ARMA III. This running on the ARMA III DirectX 11 source, massive performance boosts have been noticed and this sounds just like what the DayZ Standalone game need’s. It would most definitely push the game forwards, in the right direction and make it a well loved and played game for many more years to come.

Personally I would love to see all the great games that Window’s has to offer; especially DayZ, come to OS X. With the Mac and Linux gaming scene growing rapidly, it would mean more money for the developers and a happier time for Linux and Mac users alike. I can also guarantee, the gaming becoming available to Linux, is something that Valve would definitely back. This meaning it could potentially come to it’s new operating system, Steam OS.