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Potential Mortal Kombat X Characters Leaked

Mortal Kombat X was one of E3’s most popular fighting game reveals. The follow up to the 2011 retelling of the original trilogy intends to bring the already brutal franchise to an entirely new, darker level. From X-Rays to Fatalities, and down to the character models themselves, Mortal Kombat X is sure to be one of the most mature titles in the saga.

Mortal Kombat [9] was both a fantastic return for the fighting game franchise, and an interesting alternate timeline chapter for the saga. In the face of certain damnation of the realms, Raiden contacts his past self with a cryptic message, essentially telling him that Shao Kahn must win the tournament. Doing so will cause the Elder Gods to intervene, which they were unable to do so in the original timeline. What ensues is a “Back to the Future: Part 2” quest to save the “past future” by creating a new one…Time travel, ladies and gentlemen. MK9’s story mode eclipses the tale of the original three titles, but with several variants (i.e. Kung Lao’s early death, Cyber Sub-Zero) due to Raiden’s antics. While Earthrealm’s warriors and the Elder Gods are “successful” in defeating Shao Kahn, nearly all of the cast is killed off in the process.

Netherrealm’s new take on Mortal Kombat is set in the future of the “new” timeline. While it has yet to be confirmed, Mortal Kombat X may take place a few decades after the events of Mortal Kombat [9]. This is suggested by the appearance of Cassie Cage, the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade. Her character model and facial structure suggest that MKX could take place roughly 20+ years after the previous game. This gap also leaves room for the introduction of new characters, along with the descendants of previously existing ones:

Both the CG teaser trailer and the E3 gameplay debut trailer showcased the redesigned versions of Scorpion and Sub-Zero. As you may recall from MK9, Bi Han is killed by Scorpion, only to return as Noob Saibot; his younger brother- Kuai Liang- takes the moniker Sub-Zero, only to be turned into a cyborg….In other words, who is this new, human Sub Zero? The gameplay trailer also introduces fans to the team of Ferra and Torr- an ogre who carries his companion Ferra on his back- and Kotal Kahn, confirmed to be a descendant of Shao Kahn. The insect-like D’Vorah also makes her Mortal Kombat debut. Her body is composed of an exoskeleton that sheds when she takes damage; her attacks include strikes from her segmented appendages, and from swarms of insects.

While the gameplay trailer only revealed Ferra/Torr, D’Vorah and a glimpse of Kotal Kahn, gameplay footage of Cassie Cage was shown through interviews with Ed Boon, and from various YouTube accounts. Youtuber Max, of “Maximillian Dood” points out some details regarding possible roster additions to Mortal Kombat X in his latest video. In one of Kotal Kahn’s play-style icons, you can see what appears to be a gray ninja on his knees. This may be a reference to Smoke, though he was killed-off in the 2011 Mortal Kombat.

Kotal Kahn Mortal Kombat X
Kotal Kahn icon suggests the return of Smoke

During an interview with Ed Boon, Boon casually drops “Raiden” in conversation. While the character has not been revealed in any current footage, Raiden was one of the very few characters who survived in the previous game. In Max’s video, it was revealed that a concept artist for Mortal Kombat X had been working on many redesigns for the new game. All of his re-imagined and new characters were shown in the existing trailers except for one- Ermac.

While Ermac is defeated at the hands of Cyber Sub-Zero, the audience never actually witness his demise…Backed by the fact that Ermac is powered by the souls of numerous Outworld warriors, it’s unlikely that he actually “died” in MK9. His redesign depicts him as more of a sorcerer or wizard, as compared to the “mummy-wrapped ninja” model; perhaps this reflects Ermac’s powers transcending between the two games.


Mortal Kombat X Ermac
Mortal Kombat X concept art for “Ermac”


These details and leaks are only the beginning, as Mortal Kombat X will feature a roster of 24 characters. With such a broad cast of characters, anyone could return for MKX. We could see the return of Frost, Bo Rai Cho- even Meat or Mocap. Who would you like to see in Mortal Kombat X? Leave your ideas and thoughts in the comments below!