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Is This Generation The Last?

During this week’s developers conference in Brighton, UK, PS4’s Mark Cerny expressed to IGN that many people are wondering if this generation of consoles will be the last, and that it wasn’t too long ago that so many people believed the gaming industry to be dying.

“What’s amazing to me is how quickly this has changed, right?” he said. “You go back two years ago, consoles are dead and Sony’s a dinosaur to be releasing one, if you talk to certain analysts”.

Really? The dust is yet to settle on the current console boxes and people are wanting new ones, majority of the gaming community are still calling them “next-gen”. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot thinks that there’ll be more and also believes that the industry has been penalized due to long console cycles.  He says even though it’s expensive to manufacture, having new consoles after a few years helps creativity, and that it’s a lot less risky for developers to have new IPs at the beginning of a new generation as customers are more open to new things.  

I think as gamers we can all agree that a healthy console cycle is good, even though last-gen lasted a lot longer than it should have, we still progressed eventually. I think that we should probably wait a year or so when this generation has hit its peak before we throw speculations about the future. But as always the internet has spoken, for example within the Facebook comment section of this subject Vinny Messina wrote:

 “I hope it is. Both consoles are the same. It’s just marketing that has made people believe one is better than the other. We have one with games and less hype, and one with all the hype and nothing to play. You’ve probably seen it before. Greatness awaits….and waits… and waits.”

I highly doubt that this will be the last generation, with new technology such as VR headsets being manufactured this could influence and push consoles further into a new era. What do you think, could this generation be the absolute peak of gaming?


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