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Yogventures Details Unveiled

Over the last few days the gaming community has seen a certain amount of fervour surrounding the British based Youtubers the Yogscast. The group ran a Kickstarter campaign to fund their own creative sand-box game that was touted as being able to rival Minecraft, the game on which most of the Yogscast’s videos are based.  This game, called ‘Yogventures’, never got out of the blocks in terms of development. After much speculation, it was finally revealed that the studio ‘Winterkewl Games’ had run out of money and the game would never see the light of day.

New information has now surfaced about this latest Kickstarter catastrophe. The ex-head developer has posted a breakdown of the how the money was used on their Kickstarter page, quite possibly as a response to accusations that the Yogscast had pocketed a significant sum.  As is made clear from the update, development was a doomed process and things started to go wrong almost immediately. Allegedly the artist who was hired to create with concept art and sky boxes was paid a lump sum of $35,000 up front and then left to work with Lucas Arts, according to this new information Winterkewl had no way of making him pay the money back as the contracts had not covered the possibility of someone leaving before completing their work. This crippling sign of inexperience led to the head of the Yogscast, Lewis Brindley, to request that the Yogscast themselves dealt with some of the funds to avoid a repeat of this calamity. The Yogscast was given $150,000 to hire a main programmer and deal with the physical rewards promised in the Kickstarter campaign.

Questions still remain though. What happened to this $150,000? Since the project is now dead in the water, undoubtedly fans and backers will be wondering what happened to the cash and the whereabouts of the promised physical rewards. Perhaps in future, backers will be more aware of the inherent risk of crowd funded projects and be more wary before giving thousands of dollars to inexperienced developers.

UPDATE: An update from the head of Yogscast via their official Reddit

We’re not ready to make a detailed statement about what happened with Yogventures. Winterkewl’s statement omits much and I would disagree with a number of points, but there’s no value in going into detail. Our only goal right now is to ensure that we provide the best possible experience for the backers that we can. I can honestly say this has been our goal throughout.

To keep things simple, the facts are:

  • Winterkewl failed to meet their promises with Yogventures
  • The Yogscast are doing their best to rectify this situation – TUG is only the first step
  • Any monies the Yogscast have received in connection with this project has been spent on this project

I would just like to say that this project was started when The Yogscast was just me and Simon making videos out of our bedrooms. We met Kris and trusted his qualifications and assertions that we could trust him with our brand and even more importantly, our audience. Needless to say, I’m upset and embarrassed, but strongly believe the backers will end up getting far more value and a far better result than they originally anticipated when they backed this project.


We will keep you posted, as always stay tuned to Gamer Headlines for the latest in Gaming news.