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10 Hard To Find Video Games

We’ve all heard of stories of somebody buying a tattered old box full of junk at a garage sale for $6, only to open it and find some sort of rarity. Believe it or not this happens a lot with old video games. I’m going to name ten rare video games that are worth holding onto or if you really wanted to, sell for a nice price. So dig into that box in the attic that you forget to throw out and make sure you don’t have one of these bad boys hidden in there, chances are they are worth big bucks.

#10 Elemental Gearbox: Assassin’s Case – PlayStation elemental-gearbolt-assassin-case

This Japanese sci-fi shooter was a real hit when it was released on the PlayStation way back in 1997. This particular edition, The Assassin’s Case was awarded during an E3 tournament which meant that only 40 of these were ever produced and yet only 4 have ever been seen. Inside the case features the Elemental Gearbox game and a golden GunCon memory card.

#9 Tetris – Sega Genesis/Megadrive tetris-megadrive

I know what you’re thinking “really, Tetris? I can get that on my phone!” which is true but were you aware that you can play it on the Megadrive? Due to some legal issues and Nintendo’s rights to Tetris the Sega Genesis version never saw a release. The “unlicensed” version has been confirmed by Tetris creator Alexey Pajitov who estimates that only 10 copies of that particular version exists today.

#8 Atlantis 2 – Atari 2600 download (3)

In this classic players must protect the ancient city of Atlantis from the destruction of Gorgon spaceships. The difference from Atlantis to Atlantis 2 is the sequel’s harder gameplay and the fact that there are maybe 30 legit copies out there in the wild. The game was presented to winners of the Defend Atlantis competition back in 1982.

#7 Nintendo Campus Challenge – NES image

Created by Nintendo for competition, this cartridge included three games, Super Mario 3, PinBot and Dr. Mario, and was presented to college campuses and Spring Break hot spots. Once these competitions were over the cartridges were to be destroyed, which doesn’t explain why a certain game was found in an ex-Nintendo employee’s garage sale back in 2006…hmm.

#6 Birthday Mania – Atari 2600 download (4)

Birthday Mania allows players to play a bunch of mini games such as popping balloons and blowing out candles! Sounds fun right? Well if that’s your sort of game you’ll have to track down the one and only copy in the world. Yep only one!

#5 Gamma Attack – Atari 2600 gamma-attack

With quite a few Atari 2600 titles on this list, Gamma Attack is arguably the rarest of the bunch. Produced by Gammation this one of a kind game has been sought after by collectors for years, the current owner is Anthony DeNardo who once had the title up for grabs on eBay for $500,000.

#4 NBA Elite 11 – Xbox 360/PS3 download (5)

Throwing in some newer ones now here we have a title by EA, who ordered the developers of NBA Elite to start again to really revamp the franchise, but with only 18 months of development time left the clock ticked down to zero and EA were forced to scrap the title. Little did they know that a few copies had made their way through retailers to the public.

#3 The Beatles Rockband: Special Edition – Xbox 360/PS3 download (6)

Now we expect to pay a bit extra for a game that comes with plastic instruments but the price for the Special Edition of The Beatles Rockband makes it worth hunting down. The thing that makes this hard to find is that no one is willing to sell it, it’s all in the branding and die-hard Beatles fans are clinging onto this for dear life. Included in the Special Edition is a Höfner bass modeled after the one famously used by Sir Paul McCartney, drums emblazoned with the Beatles logo and some DLC.

#2 Fallout 3 Survival Edition – Xbox 360/PS3 fallout-3-survival-edition

Despite containing just one more item than the standard collector’s edition, the special edition was sold exclusively through Amazon and has proven extremely hard to get a hold of. Unfortunately there was no sign of Fallout 4 in the box…the search continues.

#1 Sonic Adventure: Limited Edition – Dreamcast sonicadventurelimitededition

This special edition pre-release version of Sonic Adventure was only available to rent from US firm Hollywood Video in 1999, and was never officially released. A few employees did however get their hands on a copy.

So, do you happen to have any of these games? Let me know in the comments and just for clarification this isn’t a top 10 list.

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