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Microsoft Research Discloses DeLorean, A Lag-Free Cloud Gaming Service

If we thought about it real hard, Netflix¬†for gaming would be pretty cool. Gamers could pick through a library of games and play them instantly without putting them on their hard drive. In a perfect world, all games would be on the cloud and not taking up our precious hard drive space. Alas, we’re not quite there yet in technology. However, Microsoft seems to be making steps towards a better future in gaming.

Microsoft disclosed research earlier this week about DeLorean. DeLorean is a speculative execution system for masking up to 250 ms of latency. Most residential homes in the US have a latency of at least 150 ms. Theoretically with DeLorean,  this would be masked and players would have lag free game play.

In order to achieve this, the report says that DeLorean combines “1) future input prediction; 2) state space subsampling and time shifting; 3) misprediction compensation; and 4) bandwidth compression.” If I take a stab at it, the program will predict what your next move will be ahead of time. It’ll be faster than even the computer can predict, so that it’ll be ahead of your every movement. This will give gamers more accurate and lag free game play. Of course, that’s my guess and I could be completely wrong.

The reason I bring it up is it involves the advancement of gaming as a whole. No longer will those playing Call Of Duty cry about who is “hosting the match”. No longer will shots go misfired. In games that require a very accurate connection in order for the quality of their game play, DeLorean could make leaps and bounds into the gaming community. Though, I’m not only talking about Call of Duty. If you can have a lag free system running, you could potentially stream the games from the cloud. This could be the technology that could take hard drives completely out of the picture. We would have cloud gaming. The cloud would hold data as well as run the game engine. The cloud would be able to keep the game from lagging terribly. The cloud is the way to go in the future. After all, it’s nice to see that Microsoft is making steps for making gaming different.

Of course, this is all provided that a gamer has a connection with less than 250 ms latency as well as a decent system/computer.

What do you think of potential Cloud gaming? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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