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Grand Theft Auto V online heists possibly coming September 23rd

by GH Staff
Grand Theft Auto V heists coming soon?

A prominent YouTube user, DomisLive (also known simply as Dom) has revealed some exciting news in regards to Grand Theft Auto V/GTA Online.

The 1 year anniversary of Grand Theft Auto V has come and gone, however, it appears that Rockstar Games may be planning to release an update for the game next Tueday, September 23rd.

As for what the update may contain? Heists.

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Possible Grand Theft Auto V Heist Update

Grand Theft Auto V Heist Update

Recently, many gamers playing GTA Online have complained about a slew of glitches (including the inability to connect to servers), potentially due to Rockstar’s maintenance team cleaning up the game’s leaderboards in preparation for a new September 23rd update.

Furthermore, the company has stated that Grand Theft Auto V‘s servers and the Rockstar Social Club will be down on September 18th and 19th from 9:oo A.M. to 10:00 A.M. ET due to the leaderboard maintenance.

Aforementioned YouTuber, Dom, has suggested that it may be due to a possible heist/DLC update.

Rumor and speculations points to the possibility that Rockstar may be utilizing the downtime in order to prepare the game for an upcoming heist/DLC update.

Previously leaked information has implied that GTA Online heist DLC will come with an overhauled leaderboard feature, which supports the possibility of the long-awaited heist DLC.

You can watch DomisLive’s video below:


Keep in mind that this is mere speculation, and as suggestive as the rumors may be, be wary of the legitimacy of them.

There has been no official announcement from Rockstar Games in regards to implementing heists into Grand Theft Auto V/GTA Online at this time.

This article will be updated with the appropriate information if, or when, relevant information emerges.

What are your thoughts on the possibility Grand Theft Auto V‘s heist update?

Fans have been clamoring for heists to be worked into the game, however, Rockstar has been slow to respond. Are you excited for them, or have you grown tired of Los Santos?

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