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HTC One M8 vs. Xperia Z2- Affordable Luxury in Your Hand

In the past, Sony Corporation has not been able to flourish in the smartphones market.

Though the company developed many smartphones, they were never good enough to attract buyers, since there is so much competition in this industry. Nevertheless, this temporary failure did not deter Sony from improving their gadgets and finally they came out with the Xperia series. This smartphone is exceptionally good that it received rapid success. The latest device to be launched in this series is the Xperia Z2 which has brought with it a number of attractive features that can give a tough competition to other smartphone brands. One of the brands which it can be compared with is the HTC ONE M8 smartphone device. The HTC gadget possesses excellent specifications to be eligible for this competition. In appearance too, it is very attractive.

Let us see whether the HTC ONE M8 offers better features than the Xperia Z2 or vice versa.

Functions and Interface

Both HTC ONE M8 as well as Xperia Z2 boasts of the Android 4.4.2 operating system. Along with this, Sony has incorporated few changes to the appearance and functionality of this operating system. Similarly, HTC too went a step ahead and installed an updated version of Sense version 6.0 user interface in the smartphone. Sense version 6.0 has been noted as a steady and refined user interface from Android, giving the device a stylish and modern look.

As far as the user interface is concerned, users who are accustomed with smartphones built with Android previously will not have any difficulty in using Sony’s user interface. It is user-friendly. Few additional and exciting features of this particular Sony handset are its animated wallpapers and themes. Users are able to customize their user interface according to their liking. Another interesting aspect of Sony Xperia Z2 is its Play Store which consists of a number of new features.

On the other hand, the most outstanding feature of HTC ONE M8 is the BlinkFeed feature. HTC also uses the updated version of Sense version 6.0 for its user interface. For those users who are constantly accessing social networking sites, the BlinkFeed feature will be very useful. If you are not planning to use the option, you have the choice to switch it off in the settings.

In the functionality department, Sony Xperia Z2’s display keyboard is very nice and easy to use. User customization has been given a lot of importance while the company built the keyboard, because of which it can be manipulated in the way the user desires. If the user likes to use a simple keyboard, then he can make it so, and there are extra options to make it more attractive.

HTC ONE M8’s screen keyboard is also a pleasant one. Users are offered a lot of languages to choose from as well as other features with which they can manage their texts. However, we have to say that Sony’s Xperia Z2 has taken the cake from HTC in this department.