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Free-to-play games: Not very good for the most part, says Take-Two CEO

At the Credit Suisse Annual Technology Conference, held today – Wednesday, December 3rd, Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick discussed his stance regarding free-to-play games.

Spoiler alert: He’s not too fond of them.

During the conference, Zelnick pointed to low paying player percentages and general poor quality as reasons for his disdain for most games in the free-to-play games market, stating:

“The problem with the free-to-play model is 95-97% of people who engage with your content don’t pay for it. 3-5% do; on a good day, 10%.”

Not everyone who plays or enjoys free-to-play titles pays for additional content/features. Zelnick shares the same sentiment, elaborating on the fact that 100% of gamers who play video games published by Take-Two pay for them.

Read more on Zelnick’s thoughts on free-to-play titles after the break.

 Take-Two Interactive CEO On Free-To-Play Games

Free-to-play games Zelnick

In reference to the immense success of free-to-play and mobile game company, Zynga, Zelnick said the following:

“One of the reasons that free-to-play companies like Zynga did so well for a period of time is they had zero acquisition costs because they could use Facebook as a free acquisition platform. Then Facebook changed that, and Zynga changed.”

However, one of the more blatant reasons as to why Zelnick isn’t too privy to F2P games is due to the fact that, for the most part, they’re simply not that good:

“The other thing that’s problematic with free-to-play games is in many instances, although not all, they’re vastly less engaging. And if you look at the history of the entertainment business across all media, the only entertainment companies that really succeed over a long period of time are those that surprise and delight consumers with incredibly high quality content.”

“Most free-to-play games aren’t really high quality content at the end of the day. Certain competitors in that space have stated strategies of not making high quality content. And I’ve never seen an entertainment company–ever, ever, ever–succeed that didn’t have a stated strategy of making high quality content. Not everyone can actually achieve it, but you need to at least try.”

While Zelnick obviously doesn’t currently believe that Take-Two Interactive will try its hand at creating free-to-play games, he states that there is potential in that particular area of gaming:

“…the model is very different, the consumer is different, the demographic is different. There is definitely a there, there. It is not our field of great expertise.”


What are your thoughts on Zelnick’s statements in regards to free-to-play games? Agree or disagree? With games such as Planetside 2Path of Exile, et cetera, there are always exceptions, so what F2P games do you consider to be “great?” 

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Image credit: Bloomberg