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Nintendo Wii mod enables online multiplayer for local multiplayer games

A remarkably interesting mod for the Nintendo Wii that enables online multiplayer for local multiplayer games (such as New Super Mario Bros. Wii) has surfaced.

The mod, which has been tested and confirmed for New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but is reportedly not limited to just that game, works by sending a stream of inputs (such as button presses on a controller).

Next, an assigned host dictates RNG (random number generator) and subsequently synchronizes level loads so that the game is played at the same speed for everyone playing. Furthermore, the mod has an adjustable lag threshold, allowing smoother gameplay depending on how far other players are from each other.

Nintendo Wii Online Mod Creators

The creators of the mod, MrBean3500vr and Chadderz (seen above), said the following on how the mod works:

It works by sending a long stream of inputs over the Internet; button presses on a controller. An assigned host dictates RNG (random number generator, random elements in games like which item you get from a box in MKW for instance), and synchronises level loads so that everyone plays the game at the same speed. It also has an adjustable lag threshold, to allow smoother gameplay with people far away with you, at the cost of slight input delay.”

As previously mentioned, while the mod has been tested only on New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the modders are hopeful that their generic patching engine will work with multiple local multiplayer games on the Nintendo Wii:

This mod is not designed to be limited solely to New Super Mario Bros. Wii! It is designed to be a generic patching engine, which will hopefully work with multiple games that have local multiplayer available on themMany games will likely need specific patches in order to make them work properly (not much, usually RNG since all games do it differently), but this all definitely lays strong foundations and does most of the hard work for you.”

The modders are also looking into extending the mod to be compatible with GCN, WiiWare, and Virtual Console titles.

Watch a video showcasing the Nintendo Wii mod and read more details below.


Nintendo Wii Mod Adds Online to Local Multiplayer Games

You can watch a demonstration of the Nintendo Wii mod in action below:

As expected, the Nintendo Wii Mod is a work-in-progress with a number of issues, as such there is no public release just yet. The modders have outlined some of the mod’s problems below:

There is no release as of quite yet; there are still multiple issues. To name a few, accelerometers are not transferred correctly, so things like shaking the Wiimote or tilting do not necessarily work correctly. Also, picking up a star powerup instantly causes the characters to desync, we assume due to more RNG that we’re not handling correctly. Furthermore, at the moment, it only supports two consoles, and we’d ideally like to be able to support many more than that, for obvious reasons! 

When more fixes are implemented (or even just completely stable on New Super Mario Bros. Wii), we plan to both release the project and the source code so that others can play with or contribute to it. We’re hoping everyone will enjoy themselves when the release is available! Running it will simply require a Wii or Wii U that is connected to the Internet (one per player), and a Homebrew Channel.”

If you’d like to read the full details of the Nintendo Wii online multiplayer mod, you can do so here (in the video description).

What are your thoughts on this mod for the Nintendo Wii? Are you impressed? Why or why not? Also, what other games with local multiplayer would you like to see work with it?

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