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Origin rep says EA found no indication of account database breach

Earlier this week, a considerable number of PC gamers who use Origin, Electronic Art’s online store, reported suspicious behavior pertaining to the security of their account.

Users of EA’s online service noticed that purchases were being billed to their account for games they never bought. EA subsequently confirmed that it was investigating the concerning matter.

After further investigation into the unauthorized game purchases affecting some users, an EA representative has stated that the company has completed its investigation and found no indication that there was a security breach of Origin’s account database:

We found no indication at this point of a breach of our Origin account database. Privacy and security of user account information are of the utmost importance to us. We encourage our players to use Origin user ID and passwords that are unique to their account, and to report any activity they feel may be unauthorized to EA customer support at help.ea.com.

Read more on EA’s response to the unauthorized purchases after the break.

 EA Finds No Indication of Origin Account Security Breach

 Origin EA Rep No Security Breach

While EA has not found any evidence pointing to a breach of its Origin account database, the company’s customer support department is reportedly working with affected users to rectifiy the fraudulent activity on their respective accounts.

Like Valve’s Steam service, Origin has a two-step authorization system that lets users know when their accounts are accessed on new devices, so it is curious as to how exactly the unauthorized purchases were made without the original user’s knowledge.

Regardless, the Origin store is currently holding a New Year’s sale, offering large discounts on a multitude of games. If you’re interested in getting a few new games, make sure you do so before the sale ends January 6th.

What are your thoughts on EA’s response to reported unauthorized purchases affecting some users? How do you think they were made? Also, were you one of the individuals affected by fraudulent accounts activity?

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