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Shadow of Mordor director on the Nemesis System: “Baby steps” to a larger goal

Earlier last week, Bioshock creator Ken Levine wrote a piece for Medium on how Monolith Productions’ critically acclaimed Lord of the Rings action-RPG Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor has inspired various ideas he wishes to incorporate into his current, unannounced video game project.

In an interesting turn of events, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor‘s design director, Michael de Plater recently revealed in a preview with GameSpot how Levine’s Bioshock series inspired certain aspects of Shadow of Mordor.

Plater stated that he and the team at Monolith favored Bioshock‘s method of environmental storytelling, but wanted to devise a way in which the narrative didn’t just look or feel real, but was real – leading to Shadow of Mordor‘s lauded Nemesis System.

Read more of what de Plater had to say about the game, its inspirations, and its goals for the future below:

 Shadow of Mordor Director on Franchise’s Future

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Director on Future, Narrative

de Plater stated the following in the aforementioned GameSpot preview:

BioShock was very a big inspirational game for us, not because of the linear narrative, but because of the way it told its world story. I think it did that so incredibly well and managed not only to communicate the history within the world, but even the themes and that idea of choice in games. That really got us thinking about, what would it mean if that choice actually was real rather than the illusion of it being real?

“We’re (referring to both Monolith Productions and Ken Levine) both definitely trying to tackle the same issues with narrative. And in that piece he used the word ‘choose your own adventure’ to describe trying to make truly systemic stories that respond to players rather than huge branching authored stories. We’ve just taken the first baby steps of what we’re trying to do.

As seen in the above quote, it appears that de Plater and the Shadow of Mordor team at Monolith Productions desire to continue their work on the Nemesis System, saying that while what they have accomplished with Shadow of Mordor has met expectations, they have only taken small “baby steps” in regards to what they truly want to accomplish on a long-term scale.

Only time and patience will tell what gamers can expect from Monolith’s inevitable follow-up to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

 What are your thoughts on de Plater’s statements on SoM‘s Nemesis System, inspirations, and the franchise’s plans for the future? Are you excited for what a sequel might bring? Why or why not? 

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