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Steam Winter Sale rumored to begin December 18th via PayPal e-mail

An official e-mail sent by the Japanese branch of popular digital wallet service PayPal has supposedly revealed the dates for the upcoming Steam Winter Sale.

According to the aforementioned PayPal Japan e-mail, the Steam Winter Sale is set to start on December 18th, however there is no mention of how long it will last. Judging by previous Steam sales, it will most likely last about a week.

Read more details regarding the upcoming Steam Winter Sale after the break.


Steam Winter Sale to Begin December 18th?



You can view a picture of the PayPal Japan e-mail below, as well as a translation of its text below:

Steam Winter Sale PayPal Japan

Rough translation (courtesy of users at /r/Games): 

“Big Christmas Sale, up to 75% off! (From 12/18).

Steam’s entertainment platform, select from a variety of games, over 3500! PC, MAC, Linux, mobile, and even television.

Soon shopping.”

Valve has not yet confirmed the Steam sale dates outed by PayPal, or made an official announcement of their own, but PayPal has been fairly accurate in the past when it comes to Steam sale dates.

With that in mind, make note that this is not an official announcement by Valve, and may or may not be accurate. Regional differences (time zones, number of games on sale, discounts, et cetera) between Japanese, European, and Western territories may also apply.


What are your thoughts? Is your wallet ready for the upcoming Steam Winter Sale, or did Brokevember and Black Friday devastate your PC gaming funds?

Also, what games are you looking forward to purchasing (at presumably a remarkably hefty discount) during the Steam Winter Sale sale? Also, what games would you like to see go on sale throughout the event? With a plethora of AAA and indie games coming out this Fall/Holiday season, there are sure to be quite a few requests.

Let us know in the comments section below! As always, stay tuned to GamerHeadlines.com for the latest in video game and technology news.