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Twitter on death, rape threats directed at EA exec – “Not against the rules”

Peter Moore, the chief operations officer at EA (Electronic Arts) – who has also worked at Microsoft and Sega, has been the victim of a number of death and rape threats directed towards both him and his family.

In a level-headed response to the situation, Moore promptly reported the abuse and online harassment to Twitter.

However, upon investigation of Moore’s report regarding online death/rape threats toward him and his family, the social networking site stated that it was unable to take any further action due to the fact that the tweets in question didn’t violate Twitter’s rules.

Check out a sampling of the tweets and Twitter’s response below:


EA Exec and Family Receive Threats on Twitter

Twitter on death, rape threats against EA exec, not against rules

Below are a few of the hateful tweets sent to Moore regarding both him and his family:




The following is Moore’s tweet regarding Twitter’s response to the situation:

Judging by previous posts on the harasser’s account, the user was angry because of EA’s FIFA franchise – citing the freedom of speech as defense for his above threats.

This development is particularly interesting due to Twitter’s “Abusive Policy Behavior” rule, which states that users cannot make direct, specific threats of violence against others.

Furthermore, Twitter recommends that if one feels that they are in immediate danger, they should call local law enforcement, alongside reporting the abuser to them. If you so desire, you can peruse Twitter’s official list of rules here.


What are your thoughts on this situation? Why do you think that the death and rape threats thrown at Moore and his family were not violating Twitter’s rules? Does the freedom of speech trump the safety of those being threatened? 

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