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Desura greets the Futuristic Arcade Racer: Chaos Ride

Inspired by insanely fast arcade racing titles like Wipeout, Extreme G, Ballistics, Outrun 2, Chaos Ride joins the group as a futuristic arcade racing game. Instead of controlling an advance aircraft or spaceship, players will be piloting neon hover-cycles through nine different locations at speeds of up to 800mph! Here’s a video demonstration and some additional features showcased in the game!


As shown from the short trailer, Scott Game has invented the colorful tracks to be set entirely inside tubular-shaped tunnels, allowing the drivers to use a unique method when navigating through the tracks. Basically, racers primarily build speed by gaining momentum, which they acquire by angling their vehicles at optimum trajectories as they race at full velocity in first-person view. Now, personal computer users at Desura can finally live their dreams in hitting 1000mph, but they still need to compete and avoid colliding into other speed demons . 

Here are some other features:

  • Eighteen tracks (nine tracks with forward and reverse variations).
  • Five game modes: Race, Marathon, Eliminator, Time Trial, and Survival. 90 events in total.
  • Fifteen time/score-attack challenges per track. 270 unique elements of gameplay in total.
  • Vehicle customisation. Tune various attributes of your vehicle to deliver the best speeds for each track.
  • Oculus Rift support (DK2).
  • Split-screen multiplayer, with support for up to four human players.
  • A progression system that includes an increasing difficulty curve, which is affected by actions in both the single player and the multiplayer games.

For more information, please visit the website.

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