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Driveclub Gets Five Free Tracks

Driveclub, the online racer from Evolution Studios, will receive 5 free tracks today (January 19th, 2015), Evolution confirmed via their Facebook page.

The free tracks were previewed last week, with the developers saying the downloadable content would be coming ”later this month” after showcasing each individual track over Facebook. The five tracks are made up of circuits from Japan, with two of the tracks taking place in Takahagi Hills and Asagiri Highlands – which itself is a brand new racetrack.

The previews also feature a look at some of the cars coming in the Apex Expansion Pack; the new McLaren 650S, Jaguar C-X75 Concept and Enzo Ferrari. The pack will launch around the world beginning January 27th, 2015.

Evolution explained last year that all of Driveclub’s DLC will be given to players for free as an apology for the many server issues that were present upon launch. The game was near on unplayable for many as it encountered multiple server issues, reaching extremes of a one-in-one-out system online. A PS Plus Edition had been planned to launch for free for subscribers upon launch, but was delayed ”indefinitely” among concerns it would stress the servers to even higher levels.