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You Can Now Buy RDO Sans RDR2, You Shouldn’t, But You Can

Rockstar is now selling Red Dead Online independently, in addition to offering it alongside Red Dead redemption 2. You know, the actual critically acclaimed, if at times horribly clunky game that it uses to get kids hooked on loot boxes, shard cards, cowboy boots, whatever?

Well, in any case, $4.99 is the admission fee to the Wild West of unregulated gambling practices aimed at children, if that’s your poison. Until February 15th, that is. After which the game is totally reverting back to its planned price of $19.99 and definitely won’t be discounted right back to a fiver, if not given out outright come Easter. Nah, such cheap marketing ploys definitely aren’t in Rockstar’s M.O.

Well, if you still haven’t played RDR2, it’s definitely worth experiencing, but even fans of online multiplayer exploration and adventuring shouldn’t loose any sleep over the gigantic technical mess that is the online component of this game. And that is without even so much as lookint in the direction of its predatory design.

No price is too low for that, Rockstar should be paying people to play this thing, then sell big data analytics built from their profile data as a large-scale study in Stockholm’s Syndrome.