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Here’s Our First Look At The Extravagant Final Fantasy XVI Cast

by GH News
Final Fantasy XVI cast revealed

Square Enix today finally treated us to the good stuff: our very first in-depth look at the world, lore, and the absolute wackjob exscuses for characters inhabitting the vast and extravagant setting of Final Fantasy XVI.

This is as good as it gets until a full-blown reveal of the game meant to take place at some point next year, which knowing Naoki Yoshida might as well mean 2025, some other dated not based on a Gregorian calendar because #WesternInfluences, or never. In the meantime, FFXVI will be a game about mothercrystals which hopefully isn’t as kinky as it sounds.

We have been introduced to some minor state players, one of which will also be our protagonist’s home. Which pretty much guarantees its absolute and merciless destruction, as is tradition in the emo anima prince kingdom. Moving on, we have three confirmed playable characters, all of whom look rather floaty, if that makes sense, so hopefully we’re in for another absolute crazy and utterly needless reimagining of the wheel known as the active-battle system and the jobs system accompanying it.

Oh, and we’re still taking bets on when will Square realize its gameplay peaked with FFT: The War of the Lions.