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PUBG 10.3 update now live for PC players

by GH News

The newest PUBG update, version 10.3, has arrived on PC, debuting numerous new features and performance improvements.

What’s new in PUBG 10.3?

This month’s improvements include a new weapon sound selection system which will allow players to select between the original and remastered versions of certain weapon sounds. Next are lighting improvements for the Karakin map. Each area now has its own unique feel and tone. Players who go AFK in Training Mode will now be removed from the session, but will first receive a 10-second warning. Players will now be able to use certain emotes together, in sync with teammates within a 15-meter radius of your character or in the lobby on the main menu. Emotes which support this feature are shown with two characters in the emote image.

G-Coin messaging on purchases is also improved in order to ensure players understand the value of their G-Coin purchase. Previously, any bonus G-Coin was bundled into one G-Coin total, and now bonus G-Coin is displayed as an independent figure. Survivor Pass: Breakthrough will end on March 24. There will still be two weeks from that point for the players to claim all rewards and access the coupon shop. Other minor changes and improvements are part of the latest PUBG update, as well, particularly on the bug-fixing front.

Source: PUBG.com