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SGC 2014: The Biggest Gaming Party In North Texas

by GH Staff
ScrewAttack SGC banner

The Summer months are home to many of the year’s biggest events. July alone plays host to EVO 2014 in Las Vegas, RTX in Austin, and QuakeCon 2014 in Dallas. While Bethesda’s convention is in two weeks, one of the biggest gaming “conventions” is happening this weekend in Dallas- SGC 2014. I had the pleasure of attending SGC 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dallas, TX; I will also be attending SGC 2014 this weekend. The ScrewAttack Gaming Convention isn’t really a “convention” in the traditional sense- I think of it more as a giant party. One of the finer traits regarding SGC is that of its guests. Typically, the only times that fans can interact with guests is during the Q&A segment of the guest’s panel, and the autograph session. That wasn’t the case with last year’s SGC, as the featured guests were on the floor for almost the entire convention. I remember constantly running into Mega64 and Nathan Barnatt in various areas of the convention, long after their panels had ended. In addition to ScrewAttack themselves, some of the guests include TeamFourStar, JonTron, Continue, Black Nerd Comedy, Mega64 and Nathan Barnatt.

Indie Heaven at SGC 2013

Part of the Indie Heaven section of the SGC Gaming Room

SGC gives attendees the chance to play many Indie games that are in-development or nearing completion, with the Indie Heaven area. Over the course of the three day event, fans can try out games that developers and smaller companies have been working on, and offer them live feedback on their personal experience. Some of the highlights from SGC 2013’s Indie Heaven included the cel-shaded FPS Wrack, the pulsing platformer Electronic Super Joy, and the Cinemassacre-inspired AVGN Adventures. Gamers can also get a taste of old-school action, as last year’s arcade will return, courtesy of Arcades4Home. Fans can experience more than 30 retro arcade cabinets on the floor, including Time Crisis 2, Primal Rage, TRON, Killer Instinct, Soul Calibur 2, Donkey Kong and Street Fighter III: Third Strike.

Nathan Barnatt at SGC 2013

Blurry image of Nathan Barnatt crowd-surfing over our area

Competitive gamers have the option of competing in ScrewAttack’s Iron Man of Gaming tournament, which will be happening throughout the convention. For a small entry fee, players will compete across several different genres in time-trial, points, and head-to-head formats. The list of games to be featured in the 2014 tournament, along with the rules for each, is currently available on the official SGC website. Shovel Knight, Tetris Attack, Killer Instinct (2013), Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2, and others will all be part of the 2014 event. What makes this particular tournament so special, is the final stages; each year, the remaining finalists will compete on one more, unannounced “mystery game”. Each year, the final game is something that has not been released to the public- and occasionally, not even the press. Both DuckTales Remastered and Killer Instinct closed out IMoG 2013, months before their official releases. Competition isn’t just reserved for gaming events, as SGC features a cosplay contest, open for all cosplayers. For the collectors, vendors will be in full swing, offering all sorts of merchandise. Along with ScrewAttack items, vendors will be selling shirts and other apparel, movies and box-sets, collectible memorabilia, and handmade goodies for the avid gamer.

Killer Instinct at SGC 2013

Killer Instinct, revealed as Mystery Game #2 for the 2013 IMoG tournament

SGC 2014 will be held this weekend at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel, from from July 11-13. The online ticket price is $50; the at-the-door price runs at $60. If you can make it out to Dallas, TX for the weekend, I seriously implore you to come check out the largest gaming party in North Texas.