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Watch Dogs: Legion Now Available, In All Its Buggy Glory

by GH News
Watch Dogs Legion launch

Watch Dogs: Legion spearheads Ubisoft’s holiday lineup of AAA games, though its tip needs sharpening, and its handle is like half the recommended lenght, and… how is this thing so undercooked?

Watch Dogs 2 was arguably the most underrated open-world game of the last decade, extremely distinct in terms of both atmosphere and environments, characters, and gameplay mechanics, game design, and writing – I could go on… maybe. The point is, Watch Dogs: Legion feels more like Watch Dogs 1.5, at some places even Watch Dogs 0.5.

It throws a bunch of largely procedural systems at you and tells you to figure them out because they’re fun. But by wrapping everyhing into a thick layer of stats because monkey brain likes to see numbers going up, it’s more or less forcing the vast majority of players into ignoring like 95% of the game’s mechanics.

Again, if Watch Dogs 2 was a disaster, I’d understood this sudden turn toward wherever this mess of systems stands in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps the most curious thing of all, however, is that you could argue Ubisoft is fully aware of this being the case, as that’s by far the most logical reason for why there’s no number three in this game’s title. As this is so far detached from a numberd release, it is not even in the same Cartesian quadrant.