The current Minecraft PC version (1.6.2) is definitely more advanced than the Xbox version even after the Minecraft Xbox 360 update. It falls under 1.2.3, which you may find lacking if you’re a big fan of the game’s PC version. Since 4J Studios announced that the console version of the game might follow a different development path, unique features of the game’s Xbox 360 edition are expected in future updates.

The Difference between the Two Versions

So, what’s the difference between the PC and Xbox version of Minecraft? If you happen to have Minecraft installed in your PC and bought the same game for your Xbox 360, you’ll definitely notice a lot of differences especially with the game controls. The new tutorial world provided by the Minecraft Xbox 360 update will give you the basics in exploring the game.


The PC version of the game is definitely bigger than the console version. The recently released update of the console version included a height change, from 124 to 256. Horizontal dimensions are measured 1024 x 1024.

Crafting and Controls

Crafting items in both versions are similar, although the Xbox version keeps your inventory organized in different categories. The controls are quite easy to learn especially if you’re used to FPS games of the console. To know more about the advanced control tips and tricks, you can check out Minecraft online communities.

Online Gaming

This is by far, the best feature of the game’s console version compared to the PC version. This is because you don’t have to waste your time hosting games, and porting. With the Minecraft Xbox 360 update, the lag issue when playing online is already fixed.

Bugs Fixed

Other bug fixes of the new update include lighting and edge construction fixes. If you’re fond of playing the local multiplayer mode of the game, the shadows are already displayed. The update of the game is automatically enabled once the game is started. You’ll need Internet connection for the update. The update size is about 3 Megabytes so you don’t have to wait for a long time in the process. To avoid installation errors, don’t turn off the system while updating.

Lots of questions were raised after the Minecraft Xbox 360 update was released recently. One thing is for sure – map sharing is still not allowed in the game. Also, the horse and Wither biome will not be available. Many fans of the game believe that the next update will be filled up with more bug fixes, so expect the additional features after two or three more game updates.