The console version of the game promises to include unique features even though the development of the Minecraft’s Xbox version is a bit delayed compared to its PC version, which is obvious since the Xbox 360 version came out three years after the success of the Minecraft’s PC version. 4J Studios just released the newest game update, the TU12, packed with more items and bug fixes compared to the TU11.

Mash-Up Packs

With the introduction of mash-up packs in the introduction of TU12, many players were not very happy with the news that the new feature is still battling legal issues. Since it may include features under different licenses, it might take some time for the mash-up pack to be available in the Minecraft Xbox 360 update.

What’s the mash-up pack? This feature in the Minecraft Xbox 360 update includes the use of downloadable texture packs. Since the details for this content are not yet revealed by 4J Studios, there are only speculations coming out from Minecraft communities online. The only thing that’s sure about this feature when implemented is that you can try out different textures without time limits. If you’re interested about this feature, you can check out the screenshots provided by 4J Studios online.

More Mobs

With the addition of mobs like ocelots and baby villagers, many fans of the game think that the addition of horses in the game should have been included. Since the next Minecraft Xbox 360 update, TU13, will definitely come entirely with bug fixes, you can expect horses, mules, donkeys, carpets, clay, and horse spawn egg to come around TU14 or TU 15.

Patterning the Updates with the PC Version

If you’re an avid fan of the game’s PC version, you might have wondered about the path that the Minecraft Xbox 360 version will take. Some think that it might follow the same updates that the PC version had, and others have ideas of having unique contents strictly for the console version. Unique contents are most likely to happen since 4J Studios announced it with the release of the previous game updates.

The Jungle Biome Update

The Jungle Biome is a great feature coming from the TU12, introducing lots of new items in the game. Jungle wood stairs, half slabs, and planks, are some of the new items that you can craft with the new update. The Minecraft Xbox 360 update also introduces new items in the creative mode of the game, including decorative mob heads (creepers, skeletons, and zombies) and chiseled stone bricks.