Even if you think that you are already an expert on the PC version of the Minecraft game, it would still help if you find out some tips, tricks and guide on the new Minecraft Xbox 360 version. Although this new version is almost similar to the PC version, there are some features here that are not on the PC version, while there are also features that are not found on this new version of the game. So read on to find out more.

Punch the Tree

To begin playing the Minecraft Xbox 360, try to look for a nearby tree and then punch it by hitting the “R” trigger on your controller. You will then notice that it begins to produce blocks of wood. Remember that if you stop punching a specific block of wood or if you look for a different block, your work progress on that specific block you are working on will reset.

Open Your Inventory

To open your inventory in the new Minecraft Xbox 360 version, simply hit the “Y” trigger on your Xbox controller at any time while playing the game and you will then notice that your inventory of resources will pop out.

Craft a Workbench

To craft a workbench, make use of four wooden blocks. So as soon as you are done collecting four blocks of wood, proceed to the crafting screen and start converting the wood to become wooden planks. After that, build a workbench using the new wooden planks you have collected.

Make Use of Planks and Sticks for Pickaxe

The pickaxe is a very important tool in the Minecraft Xbox 360 game and in order to create this, you must make use of 2 pieces of sticks as well as 3 pieces of wooden planks. Unlike the PC version, you do not really need to find out how to create these things. All you need is to provide the materials and choose what you want to create from the crafting menu.

Create a Better Pickaxe

Since a pickaxe is important, you have to make sure that you come up with a better pickaxe for the Minecraft Xbox 360 game. So instead of using wooden planks in order to build your pickaxe, make use of three cobblestone blocks.  Having a better pickaxe will make it easier for you to craft gold, iron, diamond, etc.

So as you can see, the new Minecraft Xbox 360 version is a bit different from the PC version. Nevertheless, it provides you with the same level of experience, so it is definitely worth checking out.