You may consider yourself an expert when it comes to the Minecraft game, but there are actually several things that you should know about the new Minecraft Xbox 360 version. Although this version of the game is pretty much similar to the PC version, it would help to enjoy the game if you are aware of some tricks on this Xbox version of Minecraft. So here they are.

Torches and Furnaces Can Be Placed on Crafting Tables

You may not be aware of this, but on the new Minecraft Xbox 360 version, it is possible to place furnaces and torches on the crafting tables. You will have to go through a short process for this, but this is definitely possible.

And when you do this, you have to make sure that you have some transparent blocks behind your furnace or crafting table. If there are solid blocks around the crafting furnace, then remove these. If you will not remove all the solid blocks around, the torches would gravitate towards them instead of settling on top of the crafting furnace.

Placing Blocks on the Side of the Torch

In order to easily place blocks on the side of a torch in the Minecraft Xbox 360 game, simply hover over the torch until such time that you see a grid box. Furthermore, right click on the side of the torch grid box that is in your hand so that it will place the block to the side portion of the torch. This tip is very effective for crossing lava pool as well as when saving enough resources.

Be Careful With Placing Torches below Falling Gravel or Sand

Be very careful with placing torches right below the falling gravel or sand in the Minecraft Xbox 360 as this could break the sand or gravel. Just simply hold the torch in one hand and break the lowest sand block.

Torches Can Carry Any Amount of Weight

The torches that you will use on the Minecraft Xbox 360 can possibly hold any amount of weight in them so take note of that. This can be a big help for you as it allows you to create a sandstone free pyramid as well as other fun designs.

There are several other tips and tricks that a gamer should learn about the new Minecraft Xbox 360 version.  The best way to look for these tricks is to go online and interact with fellow Minecraft gamers.