Millions of Minecraft fans were amazed to have the Minecraft Xbox 360 update earlier, with rumors of having the update pushed for September this year. The update included lots of new items, like the expected Jungle biome and the new tutorial world (this is great for the newcomers of the game). 4J Studios announced a few months ago that there’ll be additions in the game that will definitely satisfy Minecraft gamers, especially those who are used to the vast features of the PC version.

Bad News

No mash-up and texture packs? That’s right. 4J Studios just announced that there’ll be no mash-up and texture packs yet for the game. Although, you can expect that these features will be pushed through in the next game update or so probably by the end of the year or the first quarter of 2014. The reason for this is the license issue regarding these features of the game. Many will be under different licenses and the development will definitely take some time.

Now for the Good News

For players who are having a hard time with game glitches, here are some of the fixes from the Minecraft Xbox 360 update that you’ll notice as you play the game:

  • Shadows of local players are not shown
  • Issues regarding the Privileges settings
  • Visible cloud seems
  • Third-person camera glitches when in water
  • Structures generated at the edge of the world
  • Bow animation errors
  • Minecart speeds
  • Memory leak issues
  • Fixes on Can Open Containers and Can Build Mine options
  • Fixed TNT triggered explosions
  • Wolves don’t tilt their heads when you have a bone in hand
  • Potion particle color fixes
  • Game lighting issues

Different Mob Behavior

Aside from these bug fixes, you must have experienced a different behavior from the mobs in the game. If you’re playing the survival mode, zombies can now avoid holes and follow different paths. For example, they can now choose the directions of the best way to reach and attack you. If you face skeletons, you’ll also notice that they hide under the shade of trees if they are on fire. They become aggressive again when the fire is out.

Rare mob droppings are already included in the Minecraft Xbox 360 update. If you’re a newcomer, droppings are items that you get from killing mobs in the game. Rare droppings are valuable items that you can get from killing a random mob. Skeletons are known to have rare droppings such as gold ingots and gold swords.