4J studios just released the newest update for the Minecraft’s Xbox 360 version. Compared to the game update last May, which was composed mostly of bug fixes, the newest Minecraft Xbox 360 update includes a new tutorial world for the newcomers of the game.

While there are still bugs found in this update, like minecarts moving slowly even if they’re placed on powered rails, many fans of the game consider the update as one of the major changes since TU9 (the game update released in Xbox Live recently is TU12).

The Tutorial World

Speculations were found online that there might be some hidden items on the new tutorial world. While some fans think that the new tutorial world is just a restructure, it’s still one of the best features of the game for newcomers. Here are some of the things that you will learn in the tutorial world of Minecraft:

  • Basic controller guide
  • Using the inventory
  • Jumping and sprinting
  • Understanding hunger and health (this is very useful in the survival mode)
  • Building a house
  • Creating planks and the crafting table
  • Chopping the wood
  • Crafting basic tools
  • Using the furnace
  • Surviving the night

Other tutorials can be found in the tutorial world. These things include using portals, crafting beds, and using fishing rods. On the other hand, these things are not included in the main tutorial of the game.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Basic Control Guide

  1. Jump – A
  2. Drop – B
  3. Talk – X
  4. Inventory – Y
  5. Look – Right Analog
  6. Move/Crouch/Sprint – Left Analog
  7. Switch Items – Left and Right Bumper
  8. Place blocks – Left trigger
  9. Action – Right trigger

So, that’s a crafting table? This is one of the most important blocks of the game. It allows you to craft more items, unlike the crafting table you can find in your inventory box. It’s a great thing to carry while going on a long journey in a world. It can also serve as a fuel in a furnace, but it’s not very effective compared to coal.

How to Create a Furnace Using Cobblestones

To create a furnace, you’ll need to use cobblestones. It’s very useful to turn blocks into other useful items. Like the crafting table, it’s one of the essential blocks to advance in the survival mode of the game. This is probably why using a furnace is included in the tutorial world of the Minecraft Xbox 360 update.