Minecraft is definitely one of the most popular games these days. This game allows players to create worlds, go through adventures, and many more. Being one of the best-selling games worldwide, 4J Studios, the developer of the game, is grateful enough to provide new features for the game’s regular system updates.

Bug Fixes

The Minecraft Xbox 360 update recently released is packed with tons of features including bug fixes for the TU11 released a few months ago.

Here are some of the notable bug fixes included in the recent Minecraft update:

  • Game lighting errors are already fixed.
  • When you are in first person view, the artifacts on the edge of the flames are already fixed.
  • You can open doors without any glitches.
  • The color of Potion particles is already fixed so you can match it properly with the potion color.
  • The TNT will not explode if there are explosions on the area. The TNT will only explode if it’s triggered on.
  • “Can Build and Mine” and “Can Open Containers” options are already fixed.
  • The minecarts in the game are already fixed with the correct speed.
  • The bow animation is already fixed.
  • Destroying the enchanted items in a minecart removes enchantments.
  • The shadow effect for the local player is now working properly.

What about the Jungle Biome?

Since the Jungle Biome is one of the most anticipated features of the Minecraft Xbox 360 update, many tried to explore this feature first after the release of the update recently. With this feature, new items are already included including wooden stairs and blocks, which you can use for building structures in the survival and creative mode.

With smarter AI, the hostile mobs in hard mode can give you a lot of problems in the game. This makes the game more exciting. For newcomers, they can try to play the game in peaceful mode, where hostile mobs do not spawn even at night.

Tips for Beginners

If you’re just starting to play the game, make sure to know the basic controls for the Xbox 360 version (especially if you got used to the controls for the PC version). The tutorial world of the game will allow you to learn the basics of the game, so it’s best to try it out first before you start playing the survival mode.

As for the mash-up packs of the game, 4J Studios will probably release them as DLCs. Free or paid, fans will definitely get them in the Minecraft Xbox 360 update in the future.