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What to Expect on the New Minecraft Xbox 360 Version

Last June, the Xbox version of the Minecraft game was released in the market. The new Minecraft Xbox 360 is exclusive to the Xbox 360 and although it is almost similar to the PC version, there are still some features that are not found on this new Xbox 360 version.

Nevertheless, the game is still filled with so many exciting features, which will surely delight any Minecraft fanatic out there. So read on to find out more about this new Minecraft Xbox 360 version.

What to Expect

Ever since the PC version of Minecraft was launched in the year 2009, a lot of PC gamers have gotten so addicted with the game. So when Microsoft revealed that they are offering the game to the Xbox 360, a lot of gamers have become so excited. The new version was released last June of this year and this includes free Xbox Live Gold subscription for 48 hours, allowing players to experience the Minecraft Xbox 360 for free.

What is Minecraft?

Those who are not familiar with Minecraft should know that this game is a type of sandbox indie game which allows players to construct buildings in the form of textured cubes in the world of 3D animation. Just like the PC version, the Minecraft Xbox 360 allows players the freedom to build their own Minecraft world and play on one of the three gaming modes.

Three Gaming Modes

The three gaming modes in the Minecraft Xbox 360 are Creative, Survival and Hardcore. On the creative mode, players will surely be able to unleash their creative side. Here, they get to build their own world from scratch making use of the various resources in the game.

The next mode is the Survival mode and here, players must be able to provide protection to their world since this is the time that intruders will start coming in to destroy the world you have built. And finally, the third gaming mode on the Minecraft Xbox 360 is the Hardcore mode. From the name itself, this game is ideal for hardcore players. This is almost similar to the Survival mode, although the challenges here are much more difficult to conquer.

The new Minecraft Xbox 360 is said to offer all of the features found on the PC and MAC version of the game. The features might still be lacking as of this time, but eventually, the new version will be loaded with all the interesting features found on the original version.