Bethesda may pull off a ‘Tomb Raider’ and release The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to next-gen consoles. Although an official statement hasn’t been made by the developer, OnlySP found a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One listing in the Bethesda Store. However, the listing was later removed.



The news about the listing was preceded by yet another interesting media stunt performed by Bethesda. Earlier yesterday they send out and e-mail containing ‘Come visit our very special announcement’ and a date. Although most reddit users and Fallout 4 fans are associating Bethesda’s email as a conformation about the announcement of the next game in the Fallout franchise on the 1 December 2014, it is far more likely that the email is connected with Skyrim.

The Email was sent from ‘’ right before the site’s next-gen console listing. Moreover, even the date is written as ‘12.01.14’ and is far more likely to be January 12, 2014 as read by countries using the metric system.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim may be a bit old in gaming terms, but fans are constant in their support for the franchise. Next-gen users will probably receive a more detailed world, far smoother than the one fans have already seen and probably a richer experience.

Fans of The Elder Scrolls franchise are still waiting for the release of The Elder Scrolls Online, but even though next-gen users will have to wait until June to get their hands on it, they will be able to enjoy the rich world of Skyrim.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, as confirmed by Bethesda, the website listing was actually due to a technical server issue. Bethesda’s VP of Development, Peter Hines released a twitter post apologizing for the caused confusion.

Hines also confirmed that the email is a hoax.

However, even though Hines apologized for the listing and the confusion he didn’t deny the Skyrim rumor.

Do you believe that a next-gen Skyrim game could actually be in the works?

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