The PrioVR presented at CES 2014 aims to bring motion capture systems that costs thousands of dollars into your living room, for a lot less. Combined with an Occulus Rift, this suit can really create immersion in games that support it (not that many games do). It’s a very early prototype that has a lot of potential, and could represent what the future of gaming might look like in a few years.

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The system definitely looks like it increases immersion, and makes players a lot more involved in the virtual world around them. I can’t even imagine how fun PvP would be in an open world, against players wearing the same suit. The only problem I have with the entire concept is that it looks anything but relaxing. Apparently, getting the suit on is quite the hassle, and I can’t really imagine it being insanely comfortable either. And, ultimately, shouldn’t gaming be a form of relaxation after work or school?



In any case, it’s one of the most interesting concepts we’ve seen at CES this year, and there’s an undeniable potential in the project. YEI, the company behind the PrioVR has already started a kickstarter project in order to get their product out. Unfortunately, funding this project has failed. With a goal of reaching $225.000, YEI is giving it another shot and is relaunching the kickstarter fund-raising in February, so if you want something like this in your living room, consider supporting them.

Here’s a short video that shows how the system works:

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