GTA 5 Online Valentine's Day Massacre Special

Love is in the virtual air! Coming this Friday the fans of GTA Online would be able to enjoy a special event featuring a variety of romantically themed extras for both the story mode and the massively multplayer online version of Grand Theft Auto 5.

The Valentine’s Day Massacre Special will include a new weapon called the Gusenberg Sweeper. GTA Online users will be able to purchase it from any Ammu-Nition store in Los Santos, while the gun will be automatically deposited into the weapons inventory with two full clips in each character in Story Mode.

To enhance the romantic experience, Rockstar will be presenting a new vehicle as well. The Albany Roosevelt will be a 1920s inspired limousine. Embracing the classic gangster feel of movies from the last century, new dresses and sexy undergarments will also be made available in GTA 5.

In addition to the gun, the new car and the new attire The Valentine’s Day Massacre for Grand Theft Auto 5 will also feature ten new valentine’s themed jobs, including Deathmatches, a new Parachute Jump, sea and cycling races and more!

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Source: The Official GTA 5 NewsWire Blog