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Fallout 4: Shadows of Boston leak?

Fallout 4 has been hoaxed, rumored, confirmed, then hoaxed again. While gamers anxiously wait for Bethesda to officially announce Fallout 4, the social scene has gone insane searching for every little tidbit of information they can possibly find.

They might have actually found something this time.

An IMDB listing has recently been found labeled, “Fallout: Shadows of Boston.” Is it possible that this is the Fallout 4 that everyone has been waiting for? Quite possibly, yes. It’s set, according to the IMDB posting, to have a 2017 release date. Although this might not be the actual date that gamers see Fallout 4 hit the shelves, it’s certainly nice to hear some information from an otherwise hush, hush project.

There’s also the fact that documents were recently leaked indicating that the game would not only be developed with was indeed set in Boston. This reinforced the idea that the IMDB listing could actually be the “Fallout 4” that gamers crave. The listing also gives information regarding the narrator and cast. Of course it’s still early and the official confirmation of ┬áthis listing has yet to be seen.

As for the date, how do you feel about it? Is 2017 too far away given how long it has been since the last Fallout game? Which features do you hope to see most in the game when it’s officially announced?