Today, Kickstarter revealed some pretty incredible stats.  Since the site’s launch, Kickstarter has taken in over a billion dollars from pledges for all sorts of various projects.  The biggest chunk of that is for video game projects, coming in at a whopping 215 million smackaroos.

The stats they showed off today also include the fact that all that money came from 5.7 million different people, with over 1.6 million people backing multiple projects.  The biggest surprise is that over half of that billion pledged came from the last 12 months alone.  That’s a whole lot of mula in one year.  Goes to show how much Kickstarter has grown, and how serious of a platform it is for crowdfunding.

Let’s take a dip into some other fun stats:

  • The US pledged the most money at $663,316,496.
  • $619 million was pledged by returning backers.
  • People pledged the most on Wednesdays and generally toward the middle of the month, for some reason.
  • The day with the most pledges came on March 13, 2013 with over $4 million.  That day the Veronica Mars kickstarter began and broke $1 million in less than 4 hours.
  • Compare that last one to the fact that on the first day only $1,084 was pledged.
  • $215.75 million has gone into 8,751 game projects.

That last stat is the most important.  Games lead the way when it comes to total dollars pledged and it’s also important to note that games have a 35.16% success rate.  A lot of discussion has come up about whether Kickstarter is worth the time for video game projects, but the stats don’t lie.  Kickstarter has brought us games like Kentucky Route Zero, Shadowrun Returns, Star Command, and the first act of Double Fine’s Broken Age.  Plus, there is still countless others that have been fully backed that haven’t yet been released.

Here’s hoping that Kickstarter continues to be successful, and the games that get funded through it even more so.