Square Enix is currently offering a huge sale on their U.S. website. The sale, which will run until March 30th, offers 20% off on the purchase of one  game, 30% off for two games, and a whopping 50% for three or more games.

Enix’s hits such as Tomb Raider, Metro Last Light, Thief, and the Final Fantasy games are all part of this promotion. The sale extends itself both console and PC games, even including some PS2 games! And for those of you who order $100 or more worth of games (which would be hard not to do with this type of sale!) shipping is FREE. Perfect for all you gamers on a budget or just for those who want to stock up for the spring.

With over a 100 different games to buy on multiple consoles, this sale is definitely worth checking out. To see the total list of Square Enix’s promotional games and to purchase some, click here! What games are YOU going to get? Let us know below!