Epic Games’ Bulletstorm has reappeared on Steam as randomly as it had vanished back in March. While the game can be purchased through Steam, having Steam alone is not enough to play the game. A Games for Windows Live client is required as well as an account. Oddly enough, reports have been circulating that Games for Windows Live may not be around much longer. Back in August 2013, the Age of Empires Online support site had a post stating that Microsoft would shut down Games for Windows Live on July 1, 2014.

That post has since been taken down and there have been no further comments. Since then Microsoft has shut down its PC Marketplace and several developers have moved their games from Games for Windows Live to Steam. Bulletstorm publisher EA has not stated if the game will continue to require a Games for Windows Live account, and it’s uncertain what will happen if the service is shut down. A tweet from one of Epic Games’ employees stated that they were working to remove the Games for Windows Live requirement, however that was back in August 2013 and the matter has not been addressed since.

It’s also unknown if Bulletstorm will ever receive a sequel, as the original planned sequel was scrapped in favor of developing Gears of War Judgement. Epic Games also stated that sales of the original Bulletstorm were hurting due to piracy, which could be a reason for their reservation to create a sequel. Bulletstorm can be purchased on Steam for $20. With the game suddenly reappearing randomly, there’s no guarantee that it will stay on the store for good. If you haven’t played bulletstorm, do you plan on trying it anytime soon? Personally I believe it was a very underrated and under-appreciated title, and it’s certainly a very fun and enjoyable game. Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on Bulletstorm.