The Linux operating system has blown up substantially in the past few years and it’s nowhere near slowing down. With the popularity of all the different distros and the widely support Ubuntu platform, Linux gaming has become the new “in thing”. But what is it that’s making Linux such a big deal for us gamers? Well, for one it’s portable, it’s customizable to an unbelievable extent and on top of that it’s all free. Not the “it looks ugly but functions” free, but rather the “It looks like Mac and Windows had a gorgeous baby” free with Ubuntu.

Linux Gaming Alienware Alpha

but there’s another Linux distro that will be circulating the marketplace created by the ever-popular Valve called the “SteamOS”. It’s Linux based and has been stripped of innumerable basic PC features like file browsing, for the simple ease of turning it into a hardcore gaming computer. These optimized computers aptly titled “Steam Machines”, bring the term Linux gaming to a whole different level. For starters, they shouldn’t be too pricey for that Linux is a free operating system and in addition to that, Valve didn’t have to spend time to design a UI for the file browser or anything since it’s completely optimized for gaming only. That also means that these computers should be unbelievably powerful for the fact that it’s a PC designed to be a gaming console and only a gaming console so, to accommodate this upcoming Steam Machine, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see developers starting on creating Linux versions of their games. That means when the Steam Machine hits launch day, Linux gaming is going grow to innumerable proportions literally overnight.

Linux Gaming Steam Machine