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Dragon Quest X and FFXII HD Maybe Next Year

After several released trailers and sneak peaks at E3 conference, video game publishers and developers shared enough exclusive content with the crowd to not only attract our interest but also discuss these spectacular news for days.  Major franchise hits (like Halo 5: Guardians, Kingdom Hearts III, Rise of the Tomb Raider, etc) still circulate in personal blogs, twitter updates, and more. Though these projects deserve our utmost attention, Square Enix (SE) fans still speculate if Dragon Quest 10 (DQ) and Final Fantasy XII HD (FF) are still coming to North America.

Dragon Quest 10 and Final Fantasy XII
These Faces Might Arrive Soon

Without a direct statement or confirmation, these two titles shall remain ambiguous with possible chances of being release next year. This gamble corresponds to the release of DQ 10 in Japan where Japanese folks who played the role-playing game generated positive criticism. The project developers who monitored the Japanese sales suggested and even hinted on bringing the package to the Americas.

Although United States gamers personally experienced FF XII’s shipment, the Eastern hemisphere country once again received the only revamp international version called FF XII: Zodiac Jobs System. This zodiac setting adjusts multiple configurations, such as character’s level techniques and abilities, meter breaks in summoning espers, etc. Regardless, bounty hunting for devastating monsters and rare species from the numerous pages in the bestiary really contribute to this title’s mild success when character and plot motivation failed.

Dragon Quest X Battle
Dragon Quest X Battle

Though Final Fantasy X/X-II HD  contained an embedded romance and paradox twists, the vast environments and animated graphics (including creature sprites) offer more digital and lighting enhancements.  With modern technology and digital equipment, the producers should extract the collected data from these published works and incorporate their assets for high-definition games. Because Square Enix will not be handling raw materials from scratch, this company can quickly export these innovative projects in little time.

Despite these various advantages and the sales from remastered tenth titles, some reasons exist why these packages won’t arrive in a couple of years. With massive preparations on the way, the head honchos must concentrate on these current items and carefully review any complications before the big launch date. Additionally, previous establishments often produce only a small revenue due to their popularity, which results in pushing these epic games on the back burner.

Zodiac Job System
Job System

Not technically a concrete promise, this presume prediction basically examines why the publishers may or may not carry these nifty packages over here. With an abundant comprehension, SE has always appreciated its fans and delivered the electronic goodies. Therefore, role-playing gamers should trust the company’s decisions and unfortunately wait for a future announcement.