The Last of Us Remastered Screenshot

The Last of Us Remastered doesn’t even release until Tuesday, but Sony has already posted details of the first update, 1.01, which will be live when the game releases. The update will introduce Photo Mode, a way for players to share images of the game.

Photo Mode for the Last of Us Remastered will go above and beyond the already existing Share option of the PS4. Clicking L3 will allow the player to freeze the game at any time during play (except a cutscene). They can then re-frame the shot, add Instagram-like filters, frame the shot, and even play around with things like brightness and focus. Players then use the Share button as normal to share their image.

Along with the announcement, Sony provided a tutorial video. You can watch it below.

While this may seem a little much for a single game’s social feature (hey, why can’t we just do all this in any game via the Share button?!), there’s no arguing that The Last of Us Remastered is as good a game as any to do it. The new graphics look spectacular, and the right framing/editing could produce some wallpaper-worthy shots.

At the end of the video, the narrator also hints that a photo contest could be in the future. That would be a great incentive to get a lot of players to try out the new photo mode when the Last of Us Remastered hits shelves on July 29th.