Minecraft Pocket Edition

Ever wanted to build a world of your own! Ever wondered why everything can’t be at a place where you want it to be! With Minecraft pocket edition, you can now craft a world of your’s with your own ideas. It now goes along with you wherever you go, with the help of the pocket edition. You have on screen panel to control the movement as well as a small dot to jump. You can simply place blocks with a tap on your screen. Similarly, to break something, you just have to hold on a block close to you and it brings up a small circle, which fills up and the block is destroyed. The world is infinite and you get a whole bunch of mobs and blocks.
There are two modes available in Minecraft, a creative mode and a survival mode. You need to survive by gathering resources and building a home.

You can build a home in a way you want. You can build a terrain, caves, castles and much more. You can easily fly over your world, where you will be able to see a beautiful world that you have created. It loads up pretty fast when you are flying over your world. The worlds get randomly generated and you can navigate yourself to discover new areas, new villages and experience a joy in doing so. You can now create hurdles for the mobs, fight with them and save yourself. You have flowers, lakes, caves, terrain, jungle and a lot more to make your world beautiful, to match up with your creations.

The navigation using the touch screen is quite responsive, easy and quick. To explore and understand how to play the game is pretty simple and you start enjoying and living in your own world, in the Minecraft pocket edition. The tap and create or touch and break makes it very easy as compared to the PC version. The effects when we fight with the mobs are great. I would not say that it is perfect game, but it has come a long way and it is developing fast. You can also play a multiplayer game with your friends over the external server or on the local network.

The mobile device starts heating up when we explore the world and things load up. You also have an option of a flat world, where you can build up your own world without any roadblock such as terrain. As a mobile game, I would personally expect the graphics to get good in the upcoming versions. It is a must play for anyone who wants to create a world of their own full of creations based on their ideas. The difficulty level will go up and the mobs are expected to be more dangerous in the upcoming versions.


Upcoming versions? They say the game will have frequent updates, but that is hardly the case. One of the disappointing parts of the game. They list a feature as frequent updates. Yet it goes month on end without needed updates.


Still its a great fix when your on the go dispute the bugs encountered.