Whether it’s for the looks or for the sheer power, we all have that one weapon that we need to get our hands on when we play a solo game and during multiplayer. For me, my go to is the sniper in the Halo series, something about picking off an unsuspecting enemy at long-range is satisfying. These weapons made the list not just for their power, but for their recognition in the gaming universe.

#10 The Golden Gun – GoldenEye 300px-Golden_Gun

One of the two most powerful weapons in the game, the golden gun tore friendships apart during 1997 and looked flashy doing so. This beauty didn’t make the list for its looks but it did dominate solo and online gameplay with its deadly feature. Killing anybody with one hit this weapon was the dream, although there was a catch, the golden gun only had one bullet in the chamber at any time making the user reload after each shot. So, how good of a shot were you?

#9 The Covenant Energy Sword – Halo Series  800px-Halo_Reach_Energy_Sword

In the hands of the enemy it’s a nightmare, but in your hands it’s a kill streak waiting to happen. This close-quarters combat sword has an amazing design and a deadly swing. The only advice I can give is that you pray you find this on the map before your enemies do.

#8 The Red Shell – Mario Kart Series  Red_Shell_SM3DW

Let’s face it, getting one of these and firing them at that friend that’s sitting in first place is the ultimate thrill. The red shell locks onto the player in front of your position and takes them out guaranteeing your safe passage into their spot. Rarely picked up while in first place the only thing better than picking up a red shell is picking up three of these bad boys.

#7 The Lancer – Gears of War Serieslancer-gears-of-wars-23

The Mark 2 Lancer is the bad ass of assault rifles, produced with its stand out feature – the chainsaw bayonet. This upgrade from the Mark 1 version comes with increased accuracy, lower recoil and a larger ammo capacity. Its chainsaw consists of razor-sharp blades powered by its torque motor and is capable of killing in seconds.

#6   Double Hidden Blades – Assassins Creed 2 Edward's_hidden_blade_-_concept_art

The iconic weapon of the assassins, completely concealed from outside view this weapon has been the key for stealthy assassinations. We all thought one hidden blade was cool until we experienced the awesome skill of double assassinations with Ezio, requiring two blades. Amazing to look at and even more so to use (in-game of course) the double hidden blades was always a sure thing on this list.

#5 The Experimental MIRV – Fallout 3 Capture

The unique Fat Man weapon deals the most damage in the entire game, it acts as a shotgun version of the Fat Man delivering eight mini nukes at once, and does the same amount as damage as the Fat Man per nuke. If you are on the end of this monster you can kiss your existence goodbye. The MIRV did make the list for its raw power and plus, look at the thing!

#4 Lightsaber – The Force Unleashed Star Wars Lightsaber Combat

No matter what side of the force you were on you relied heavily on one of the greatest and let’s be honest, coolest weapons of all time- the lightsaber. The searing blade can block, cut through just about anything, and can be thrown like a boomerang to destroy droids. We all want one and why wouldn’t you, from the amazing glow to the awesome sound effects this weapon is a must have on any list.

#3 The Bullseye – Resistance Seriesbullseye

While undeniably one of the most useful weapons to use in the Resistance franchise, the Bullseye is actually not that hard to get. You have access to it just after the second checkpoint is obtained and there’s always ammo on fallen Chimeran. It’s primarily on the list due to its second fire feature which is the ‘tag’ mode, unless there is something solid between you and your target you will never miss.

#2   Gravity Gun – Half Life 2 Gravity-Gun-Replica-from-Half-Life-2cnecaonline

This gun has two modes, the primary fire that blasts the target object with tremendous force clearing out a path to follow, or you can utilize the secondary fire which picks up objects and puts them ahead. It’s a pretty handy weapon but what makes it note worthy is when you combine both of these features together, instead of using ammunition the Gravity Gun uses physics and objects meaning you’ll never run out of things to throw at enemies. You can throw anything from crates and pallets to explosive barrels and saw blades.

#1 The Master Sword – The Legend of Zelda Series Master_Sword_(Ocarina_of_Time)

And finally we reach the number one weapon on my list, the blade of evils bane, the Goddess Sword, or as it’s more commonly known – the Master Sword. This brilliantly designed sword has had many forms over the years, but has only been used for the same purpose, to vanquish evil. It is the only weapon that can defeat Ganondorf and his demonic alternate form Ganon. Often appearing in other video games in Easter egg form, such as in the recent Infamous: Second Sons, the sword is one of the most popular of its kind and has become one of the most iconic game weapons.

This is my top 10 weapons in video games list, what’s yours?


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