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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Multiplayer Features and Box Art Revealed

Capcom confirmed today that both North American and European Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to play Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate together online upon its release next year.

This allows players to hunt monsters in a party, regardless of the difference in location, and subsequently should provide a larger and more active online community.

But wait, there’s more! Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will also boast local multiplayer – a big step forward for the franchise, and one that’s sure to appeal to veteran monster hunters who have been waiting for the chance to share the experience with their friends.

As well as revealing these exciting multiplayer aspects of the game, Yuri Araujo of Capcom also revealed the box art for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.




The box art is also a preview of sorts, explains Araujo:

“You can also see a number of new in-game features in this piece, such as the hunter on the Gore Magala’s back and the more subtle idea of terrain differences affecting gameplay manifesting itself in the archer on the right.”

With the inclusion of these new great features, as well as some eye-catching box art, Monster Hunter is sure to solidify its ever-growing popularity, not only in Japan, but throughout the rest of the world also.