One of the many pieces of exciting gaming news to emerge from this years Gamescom is the revival of Sierra Entertainment. Sierra used to make many classic games like the King’s Quest series and the Leisure Suite Larry series. Sierra’s parent company, Vivendi Games, was acquired by Activision back in 2008 and from then on Sierra simply ceased to exist.

However, Activision have now breathed life into the corpse of Sierra. Allegedly they are planning to use the studio to release ‘edgy’ indie games. Also on the table, as is expected, are re-imaginings of classic Sierra titles. The first series to be given the Activision treatment is going to be the beloved point-and-click adventure game King’s Quest. Although the game will be remade and re-imagined by The Odd Gentleman studio, not the resurrected Sierra.

In an interview with GameInformer, Activision’s MacLean Marhsall revealed some important information about the proposed reboot. After assuring that the remake will not simply be an HD reskin Marshall went on to say “There’s not much I can say about King’s Quest, all I can say is that I’ve seen it, and it’s not a point-and-click game. But it looks *** awesome.” These are words to strike fear and despair into the hearts of fans everywhere. King’s Quest was loved for what it was, a lovingly and richly detailed point-and-click game adventure game. To make sure there are no misgivings The Odd Gentleman have assured consumers through Twitter that the game will not just require a mouse. The first things fans want to hear after a series is announced for a reboot is not how vastly different from the original it will be.

Whilst this may arouse the deepest suspicions in the minds of fans, we can at least thank Activision for being honest with us. It would be much worse if they promised a true-to-form remake and released something entirely different. Questions remain however, will Activision and The Odd Gentleman proceed with the caution required when working with such a classic series? The last think they want is to emulate the P.R. disaster that was EA’s reboot of Dungeon Keeper. What kind of style will the game be in if it is an adventure game but no longer point and click? These will all need to be answered before suspicions will die down. Having said this, King’s Quest fans should not lose hope just yet. It is perfectly possible that this will be a bold decision that could breath life into a beloved old IP and the adventure game genre. I would personally advise all King’s Quest fans to reserve excitement and judgement until more information about the game is available.

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