Back in January of 2013, the grand price for winning the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge was a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, complete with a Halo 4 theme. Well, not it’s now up for sale at a whopping $78,000. It comes with an Xbox 360 which can be fed through four monitors – just don’t play and drive.

The truck was originally part of Forza Horizon, and eventually made its way outside the virtual realm. For a price that high, you’re going to be need a generous amount of disposable income if you really have your heart on buying this vehicle – being a fan of the Halo franchise also helps.

Galpin Auto Sports are responsible for the makeover, which includes a military paint job, the Halo 4 logo and USNC emblem dotted around, and tinted black windows in the back seat (to stop glare getting on your screen?).

Inside you can see various monitors, a couple Xbox 360 controllers and a copy of Halo 4. It’s not specified if the extra goodies come with it, but for a price that high – let’s assume so.
The exterior of the truck, sporting a UNSC logo and camouflage colors.

Arguably, it would be better with an Xbox One in there, but there should be a way of replacing the Xbox 360 with any other console in theory.

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