It’s anarchy on sale this week with 50% off all GTA Online phone contacts

Revealed today on Rockstar Games website, getting into and out of the mayhem has just become a bit more affordable because for one week only all players are get 50% off all GTA Online phone contacts.

This offer will run from today till September 7th and along with the discount all rank requirements have been removed although you’ll still need to unlock them before you can use them.

Here are the services that each of your contacts:

  • Lamar: Calling Lamar will allow you to send muggers after other players, lighting their wallets and trolling them at the exact same
    Get this and more with a 50% discount for this week only
    Get this and more with a 50% discount for this week only

    time. Also if the mugger pulls the person their chasing out of a car then they’ll steal that instead.

  • Brucie: Brucie who you may remember from GTA 4 sells you Brucie’s BullShark Testosterone, a powerful drug which increases the amount of damage you deal while also lessening the amount you take for a short while.
  • Lester: Lester is one of the most useful contacts you will have in GTA Online because one call from him can get rid of the police, locate vehicles for you, remove you from the map and even set bounties on other players, especially useful if they say keep sending muggers after you.
  • Pegasus: For those of you who enjoy the finer things in life, Pegasus is your best friend as they supply and deliver the best and most expensive cars directly too you.
  • Merryweather: For this week only all the paramilitary fire-power and weapons belonging to Merryweather is also on offer. This means that whether you want your own private army, ammo drops or hell even a airstrike, now is the perfect time to sample what this group has to offer.

The 50% off all GTA Online phone services discount will only run until September 7th so hurry onto GTA Online and take advantage of it today,just beware the airstrikes and private armies.

If you want to find out more about GTA Online news, head to the Rockstar Games website.