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3 Great Lesser Known Gaming Channels/Streams

I am a man of few vices. I don’t drink, lie, cheat, steal, do drugs, procrastinate, make excuses, eat or drink anything more unhealthy than a coke or two a day, and I work out 6 times a week.
No, my addictions lie elsewhere, in the content-rich, time-sucking wasteland known as Youtube and Twitch.tv. Both of these sites have become juggernauts in the gaming community, and my love for indie entertainment has brought me back again and again to the all-you-can-watch buffet. “Mainstream” gaming channels like Game Grumps, Normal Boots, Hidden Block, Pewdiepie, and Markiplier are well-known by now, and seeing as how Youtube isn’t doing a good job marketing the new guys anymore, I’m taking matters into my own hands. There’s a lot of funny, talented, and downright intelligent gamers out there past your JonTron and UberHaxorNova, and I’m going to give a lucky 5 of them some free press. (NOTE: “non-mainstream” does not mean they don’t have a following, it just means they aren’t making the front page every five minutes.)


1. SomeOrdinaryGamers


Almost synonymous with the growth of gaming channels and indie horror titles has been the increasing interest in gaming creepypastas, or short horror stories spread around the web. It makes sense- fans of the big guys like Markiplier are constantly watching scary material, much of which is loosely based off of creepypastas (e.g. Slender and Sonic.exe).


Enter Mutahar, otherwise known as the man behind the channel SomeOrdinaryGamers. His channel is comprised mainly of his reading gaming (and the occasional non-gaming) creepypastas in a clear and appropriate voice. Unlike other creepypasta-centric channels like MrCreepyPasta, Mutahar doesn’t try and overdo the whole thing with flashy editing or melodramatic vocals- he simply lets the story do the scaring for him.
On top of this, he also will go out of his way to find and stream weird and underground indie titles- some of which I mentioned in my article on weird indie games. He has a wide variety of content, and manages to incorporate both current internet trends and his own interests in a way that satisfies everyone.


2. Vash12349


Have you ever been watching a channel like Game Grumps or Pewdiepie and thought to yourself, “I wish he cared less”? Or maybe, “They’re trying too hard to make this funny”?


Ladies and Gentlemen, Vash12349 has heard your cries, and frankly, I’m not sure if he cares enough to respond.


Vash’s channel is extremely unpredictable at times- his running series “Taco Tuesday” for example, is essentially just him playing strange and forgotten titles with awkward or cheap execution. One day he could be having Ash Ketchum wrestle Shrek for the Heavyweight Championship, and the next he could be uploading a 40 minute session of Slam City with Scottie Pippin on the Sega CD. There’s no warning, and he doesn’t try to make the game he’s playing funny- he lets it embarrass itself just fine.


3. Flimsii


With all of the over-the-top, goofy humor that gets employed by gaming channels, from live action skits to horror reaction compilations, there’s one guy that I can consistently trust add a heaping dose of sarcasm and unemotional cynicism to his videos rather than a facecam scream. This man’s name is Flimsii.
This is easily the most sarcastic Youtuber I have ever watched, and simultaneously one of the hardest to describe. So, as a closing note, I’ll let his videos speak for themselves. Let me know if you’d like more articles like this in the future!