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Asiasoft: Publisher of Phantasy Star Online 2 Lost Revenues

Phantasy Star Online 2

Although Phantasy Star Online 2 is only available for Japan and Southeast Asia servers, this online video game is still sought out by North Americans and Europeans as they wait patiently, but these wishful individuals are losing hope. After two years of a long absence, this declining belief is about to go spiraling down a drain with Asiasoft; this publisher who introduced this science fictional world to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines has experienced a reduction in online gaming revenue. While this company provides more details about this decline in the August report, Sega won’t be making any announcements toward this desirable title at Pax Prime this year as well.

On August 13, 2014, Mr. Goh Kian Khoon, Chief Financial Officer, wrote a document that reviewed the financial results for the second quarter of this fiscal year that ended in June 20th.

This analysis stated that “the company incurred a net loss in Quarter 2 amounting THB (Thailand’s currency symbol known as Thai Baht) 95 million, compared to previous year net profit of THB 37 million, a decreased of THB 132 million or 355%”.


Online gaming revenue continued to decrease in both domestic and overseas market. The results cause the “cost of good sold” to increase due to higher write off and the impairment of game licenses. Despite suffering this loss, the selling and admin expenses decreased by THB 9 million or 8% to THB 102 million this Quarter (2013 Quarter 2:
THB 111 million) resulted from lower marketing expenses and reduced employee costs. Additionally, the company shared some good news:

Mr. Goh updated that the Company is preparing for the launching of 7 mobile games in second half of 2014 across the region. For online games, the Company will be bringing in 2 major eSports titles, namely Blizzard’s Heroes of The Storm and Strife by S2, the developer of HON. Further, Asiasoft is finalizing the launch of a new online entertainment services in 2014.

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Because this publisher is more focused on these regions, these changes doesn’t improve the chances for western audiences to have Phantasy Star Online 2. In fact, this situation hinders the possibility of spreading this game across borders. Yet, these documents only pertain facts only in Thailand. Needless to say, other financial results might be better or worse in other nations. Therefore, the NA and EU gaming community must turn to Sega for answer.

Unfortunately,the  project is not listed to be a part of these Pax Prime line-up demos:  Alien: Isolation, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. Therefore, attendees must take into consideration that there will not be a PSO2 announcement, but it could arrive next year. Without much options left, the Phantasy Star Nova seems to be the only thing close to this subject, but this PlayStation Vita game will arrive in Japan this coming November.

Despite being the bearer of negative details, online readers at least get some updates. Although this wait is frustrating to endure, do readers believe that the developer, Sega, will cancel this production? Should they go ahead and can this title?

For more information about Asiasoft, please visit the official website. For Sega details at the gaming convention held in Seattle, Washington, please checkout this page.

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