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Destiny PS4 Bundle Aimed At Making Players “Feel Special”

Sony wants consumers of its PS4 Destiny Bundle to “feel special.” They also want to establish themselves in the market as the best system to play. The Vice President of Playstation’s publisher and developer relations Adam Boyes goes so far as to say that Sony wants people to think of PlayStation as the “Best place to play.” Destiny of course in not a PS4 exclusive, but that hasn’t stopped Sony execs from communicating with Bungie and Activision in helping their PS4 system achieve that goal.

Destiny’s Alpha was available only on PlayStation consoles. When the public beta rolled around, PlayStation owners were the first to access it, with Microsoft players getting in on the beta a little later. The ivory white PS4 Destiny bundle is scheduled to have exclusive content for those who shell out the $450 to purchase it. Bungie has also said that they’re not giving preferential treatment to PlayStation owners, and that in fact they love both Playstation and Xbox users equally.

Microsoft has upped their game also though, alternately offering an all white Xbox One bundle which includes the game Sunset Overdrive. This all white Xbox One was apparently available only to Microsoft employees, but with the competition between the two consoles heating up a bit, it seems that Microsoft is pulling off some marketing tricks of their own.

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